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You have $15 to create your all-time NFL Blitz Jaguars team

Everybody's doing it. Why not us?

You've got $15 and you need to assemble an all-time Jacksonville Jaguars team for NFL Blitz.

Remember: This isn't about picking the players who would do well, or have done well, in real life. For example, R. Jay Soward sucked. But his speed would kill in NFL Blitz.

In short, it's about creating a squad of players with attributes that transfer well over into a video game.

For starters, I'm selecting David Garrard at quarterback. He's got a good enough arm in the game and his scrambling ability makes him a steal at $2.

At the running back position, I'm going with Maurice Jones-Drew at $4. He's got speed, agility, and better hands than Fred Taylor.

For my first wide receiver, I'm maxing out at Jimmy Smith for $5. The most complete receiver the Jaguars have ever had, Smith has the speed and hands to help me run Da Bomb over and over and over.

With only $4 left, I need to go soft on my second receiver. I'll need to make sure I have enough left over for a decent defense, so I'll take Ace Sanders at $1.

I've only got $3 left, so I have to take the 1996 Jaguars defense with my remaining money. With players like Tony Brackens, Kevin Hardy, and Aaron Beasley, I've got what every NFL Blitz defense needs -- speed. I'll take control of Brackens, seal the edge, and then drop him back into pass coverage at the last second and intercept it every time.

This is my team. Who would you take for $15?