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OTA recap: Jaguars open practice to the public

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On Thursday, the Jaguars opened one of their OTA practices to the public. Here's some of the highlights.

The Jaguars opened Thursday morning's OTA to the public and it doesn't look like momentum has died down from rookie mini-camp practices a few weeks ago.

First up, Blake Bortles...

And a darkhorse candidate emerges at the quarterback position:

Denard Robinson also looked to find running lanes this morning, as well as catching out of the backfield.

The biggest disappointment of the day seemed to be with the receiving corps:

Oh, and you've got to check out this amazing video captured by the Jaguars digital media team of Luke Joeckel and Clay Harbor participating in blocking drills:

Jaguars beat writer Hays Carlyon from the Florida Times-Union reported there were 1,787 fans that came out to the OTA practices. On a Thursday morning. In June. Yes:

Still beautiful.