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Jaguars should model Cecil Shorts contract after Doug Baldwin's

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The Seattle Seahawks recently re-signed wide receiver Doug Baldwin to a new contract extension, which looks like it should be the model for the Jaguars give Cecil Shorts.

Tom Pennington

The Jacksonville Jaguars are planning to re-sign veteran wide receiver Cecil Shorts and by all accounts Shorts would like to stay with the Jaguars. His rookie deal expires at the end of the season and he's been the Jaguars most productive wide receiver the past two years, but he's also dealt with some injuries.

With the Jaguars also drafting two wide receivers in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft, it begs the question of what the team should pay Shorts. He's not quite a number one wide receiver and more likely a really good number two, but how much do you pay for that?

Ryan O'Halloran of The Florida Times-Union has an idea, and it makes a ton of sense. O'Halloran suggest that the Jaguars offer Shorts a deal similar to what the Seattle Seahawks just signed Doug Baldwin for.

Baldwin's resume: Three years, 46 games, 130 catches, 1,932 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Compare that to the Jaguars' Cecil Shorts' resume: Three years, 37 games, 123 catches, 1,786 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns.

Baldwin and the Seahawks agreed to a three-year, $13 million deal with $8.5 million guaranteed. I was thinking the Jaguars could give Shorts something similar to what Mike Thomas was given with the Jaguars, which is a little but more than what Baldwin got, but I think that is the range you're looking at.

Something along the lines of a three-year deal in the $13-18 million range with about $7 to $9 million guaranteed.