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Jaguars remove tarps after addition of pools to EverBank Field

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The Jaguars have permanently removed nearly 10,000 seats in EverBank Field to facilitate the construction of their party deck, which includes the pools.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars announced plans to renovate EverBank Field in June of 2013, but the "world wide leader" in ESPN apparently has just realized this is happening, so the vast majority of the internet is shocked by a story that's virtually a year old.

ESPN's Darren Rovell, who I'm remiss to be linking to, did a write up on the new endzone cabanas and pool area, which sent out an ESPN alert over their mobile app network to the tune of "Jaguars remove 9,500 seats in part of $63 million renovation."

One interesting part of the story however that isn't really touched on, to no real surprise, is that with the removal of the 9,500 seats the Jaguars will rid themselves of nearly all of the tarped-off sections in the stands.

The only remaining tarps will be in the corners of the west upper deck in the stadium and that's it. There won't be tarps on the other side in the upper deck nor will there be tarps in the endzones. The long standing eye sore for the Jaguars will now for the most part, no longer exist.

The overall stadium capacity will not change, but the scene should be drastically different with only two sections closed off rather than the six plus sections previously.

Owner Shad Khan promised he'd remove the tarps from EverBank Field when he bought the team, and it looks like that promise is nearly fulfilled in a very creative way.