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Are the Jaguars an NFL playoff dark horse candidate?

The Jaguars appear to be the early "out of nowhere" playoff pick.

Logan Bowles

The Jacksonville Jaguars probably aren't going to make the 2014 NFL playoffs, but that didn't stop's Gil Brandt from picking them as a possible playoff team this season on Sirius NFL radio.

Each year there is always that dark horse playoff candidate that no one really sees coming to make the NFL playoffs and Brandt appears to think that it's going to be the Jacksonville Jaguars. I'm not sure we'll see many more national media pundits pick the Jaguars as that "surprise team" to push for the playoffs, but there has been some positive reviews of the Jaguars going forward.

Personally, I don't see the Jaguars making the playoffs right now. That could change after seeing the team on the field in training camp and in the NFL preseason, but as it stands right now I just don't trust Chad Henne or even a rookie Blake Bortles to be able to get the team over the hump to win 9+ games in 2014.

Then again, the Jaguars are in a weak division, so who knows.