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Jacksonville Jaguars would you rather...

Typically when I play would you rather the questions involve buttstuff or strange ways to rearrange body parts.

Booty Had Me Like
Booty Had Me Like
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

For example, I like asking the question, "Would you rather have your bhole on your chin or have your mouth near your bhole?"  In one instance, your butthole is near your nose all day, so you probably smell farts and stuff. On the other hand, your mouth is near your butt and it looks like you are shoving a disgusting Jimmy John's sandwich up your butt. Either way, not good.

We wont be talking about those types of "would you rathers" today. Unless you want to in the comments. Im totally down for that.

1. Would you rather the Jaguars win the Super Bowl and then have 10 straight years of no more than 5 wins, or would you rather the Jaguars not win the Super Bowl but have ten straight 11 or more win seasons followed by a Pre-Super Bowl playoff exit?

I'm going no Super Bowl. I would rather be a very good team for a decade than win the Super Bowl and then suck for years. Sure, the Super Bowl win would be absolutely amazing. But, 10 years with 5 or fewer wins is crushing. It would be like the last 5 years all over again. Cant. Wont. Keep the Lombardi, and point me in the direction of a yearly playoff contender.

2. Would you rather the Jaguars go 8-8 and make the playoffs for 3 straight years but only win road games, or would you rather the Jaguars win 3 games at home per year and finish 8-8 but miss the playoffs?

Im an out of towner, so I chose playoffs. /runs away

And finally:

3. Would you rather Blake Bortles shit his pants, literally, on monday night football at home with the playoffs on the line and lose, or would you rather Blaine Gabbert shit his pants while playing for the 49ers and the Jaguars go 7-9?