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Will the NFL allow companies to advertise on uniforms?

The Jaguars have an advertisement on their practice uniform, but when will the NFL allow it on real uniforms?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Manchester United recently signed a uniform sponsorship deal with Chevy, worth $560 million, which begs to question when the NFL will be about that action. It's a 7-year deal for the Barclay's Premier League giants and the advertisement on the front of the kit is a staple for soccer leagues, but will it ever come to the NFL?

The Jacksonville Jaguars recently had their practice uniforms sponsored by Florida Blue, a local healthcare company, who also sponsors the actual practice fields. This has become the norm in the NFL to have practice fields and jerseys don an advertisement, but will it bleed over to actual uniforms at some point?

Currently none of the four major sports in the United States have advertisements on actual game uniforms, though in the MLS and NASL soccer leagues this is standard. It's a point of income for teams, which again makes you wonder when a league like the NFL is going to climb aboard the money train.

With that in mind, who do you think would sponsor the Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms if there were ads on NFL uniforms?

I'd like to see one of the local craft beer companies.