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Breaking down the Jaguars roster: Center Mike Brewster

Breaking down the 90 players on the Jaguars offseason roster in 90 posts. Today we focus on center Mike Brewster.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

To help get through the boring NFL offseason, we're going to attempt a series of breaking down the Jacksonville Jaguars 90-man roster. This is obviously subject to change with Dave Caldwell's wont to churn the roster and I'm sure that trend will continue going forward. Nevertheless, we'll start going down the roster sheet in alphabetical order and touch on why a player might improve, or regress and their chances of making the roster.

Next up, center Mike Brewster.

Brewster was originally signed as an undrafted free agent, after surprisingly going from one of the top center prospects as a junior to an undrafted senior. The Jaguars got a good look at Brewster at the Senior Bowl and targeted him as a priority free agent after the draft, thinking he could eventually take over for Brad Meester at starting center, and it looks like that time his finally come.

Why he might improve:

Brewster has been adequate to poor in his short stints on the field with the Jaguars, primarily at guard however. He's been a swing backup on the interior of the offensive line but has ended the last two seasons on injured reserve. The team is reportedly pleased with the offseason progress he's made, getting stronger to hold up to one-on-ones at the center position, which was the primary concern with him on the interior line.

Why he might regress:

Brewster has been up and down so far with the Jaguars, which in all honesty isn't unexpected from an undrafted free agent, but now he's going to be pushed into the starting lineup initially. Brewster hasn't shown the functional strength to hold up at center in the NFL thus far, but as mentioned the team has reportedly been pleased with his progress in that area. More reps and playing time should help Brewster, but it could also expose faults we may have not seen due to simple lack of playing time.

Chances of making the final roster:

Even though the Jaguars made a run at Alex Mack in free agency, they appear to be confident in Brewster holding down the center position for at least this season. Barring a complete meltdown in ability and/or some of the interior youngsters playing out of their mind, Brewster should be safe on the roster simply because of his versatility and he's started and played well in the past.