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Jaguars scoreboards ready to be unveiled

Shad Khan is set to unveil his massive scoreboards this upcoming weekend after a soccer match, but here's a sneak peak video of the boards in action.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan is set to unveil EverBank Field's new massive scoreboards on Saturday after Fulham FC takes on MLS's D.C. United at EverBank Field. The Khan-owned Championship League soccer team is starting their preseason routine in Jacksonville, FL which I am guessing will be a routine going forward, and after the match the scoreboards are set to be unveiled prior to a Carrie Underwood concert.

As we all are aware, and if you're not, the Jaguars scoreboards will now be the biggest in the world and there is one on each end of the stadium. The scoreboards themselves are each larger than the actual football field and bigger than the giant screen in the Dallas Cowboys stadium.

"What we're doing is upgrading the experience for our fans," Khan told the New York Times. "This is another step in the arms race to get the fans back into the stadium."

The Jaguars reportedly are ahead of the curve for the ticket sales at this point last season, including the renewal rate being up and leading the NFL in new tickets sold this offseason. No doubt the video boards, which in turn are sparking enthusiasm around the team, are playing a part in the ticket up-tick.