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Do the Jaguars have a true swing offensive tackle?

As we head into training camp, let's look at some of the areas of depth on the Jacksonville Jaguars and see if we can answer some important questions.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Since I burned out on doing the 90-in-90 series, instead leading up to training camp I'm going to ask some questions about the Jacksonville Jaguars depth and specific areas where good teams have depth. While your front line starters are of significant importance in the NFL, the best teams have quality depth behind their starters.

One of the biggest areas a team needs depth is on the offensive line, specifically the offensive tackle position.

Ideally, good teams will have a true "swing" offensive tackle, meaning they have one player who can effectively play both the left and right tackle position. This allows the team to go light on the offensive line and go heavy in other areas, further bolstering depth.

Thankfully, this is a position the Jaguars are actually deep at. They have starters in Luke Joeckel and Austin Pasztor with Cameron Bradfield behind them. Joeckel has played both offensive tackle spots, but Bradfield in particular has shown he's at least adequate on both sides of the offensive line.

Even though we only got to see Joeckel for a limited amount of games last year due to injury, the Jaguars appear to be set at the offensive tackle position, including depth with a swing offensive tackle.