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Do the Jaguars have a versatile interior offensive lineman?

As we head into training camp, let's look at some of the areas of depth on the Jacksonville Jaguars and see if we can answer some important questions, especially on the offensive line.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Part of the key to being a good team is to not only have good front line starters, but also to have adequate depth behind your front line players. The offensive line is one of the areas good teams usually have not only simply depth, but versatile depth. Most good teams have an interior offensive lineman who can play both guard positions and potentially fill at center if need be.

The question is, do the Jacksonville Jaguars have such a player on their roster?

The answer is... Maybe?

The Jaguars do have Michael Brewster on their roster, who's shown he can play the guard positions and center position at least... not horribly. Brewster however is currently slated to be a starter on the Jaguars offensive line, so you can't really count him as the depth unless he's unseated for the starting center position.

The Jaguars also picked Luke Bowanko late in the draft to potentially be that swing interior lineman. He can play both center and guard, but we're not sure if he can do it at the NFL level quite yet.