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The first annual Definitive Twitter List for Jaguars fans

With veterans reporting to training camp today, here's a helpful guide to make sure you're following all the Jaguars-related people you need to be on Twitter.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thursday, and you know what that means: veterans are now reporting to Jaguars training camp!

What better time to make sure you're following all the best and brightest Jaguars-related people on Twitter?

The following is a list of Jaguars players, writers, and more who you should be following right now.

Disclaimer: I'm sure we missed some people. If we did, it was unintentional. Feel free to comment below and let us know who we missed and we'll add them in.

Big Cat Country

Alfie Crow - @AlfieBCC

Alfie will provide the most consistent live and in-person coverage of Jaguars training camp of anyone on the team.

Adam Stites - @AdamBCC

He won't be providing in-person coverage, but he's as well-informed and insightful as any you'll find.

Uncle Chaps - @UncleChaps

His penchant for proper punctuation puts Chaps in a principle position to properly proclaim any and all Jaguars particulars.

Ryan Day - @theryanedward

Manages social media for Big Cat Country.

Hank Jones - @HankJoness

One of the most knowledgable and underrated follows on Twitter. His rookie analyses have brought better men than you to tears.

BBS - @BurritoBrosShit

He's the mastermind behind last year's PREVIEW EXTRAVAGANZAS.

Jaguars players and personnel

Jaguars players.

Boom. Click the link above. Or this link.

Tony Khan - @tonykhan

Son of owner Shad Khan and Senior Vice President of Football Technology and Analytics for the team.

Jaxson DeVille - @jaxsondeville

The best mascot in the NFL. No question.

John Oehser - @JohnOehser

I think this picture speaks for itself.

J.P. Shadrick - @jpshadrick

He's the Jaguars Radio Network host and a big part of the team's digital broadcasting team.

Chris Burdett - @digital_jag

Senior Digital Media Manager for the Jaguars and a solid follow.

Andrew Mallory - @jagsdrew

The team's Marketing Coordinator and a Tampa Bay Rays fan.

Patrick Kavanagh - @Pkav3

Executive Producer for and Jaguars television.

Hussain Naqi - @cornellhkyfan

Senior Vice President of Fan Experience for the team and all-around awesome dude.

Local media and more

Ryan O'Halloran - @ryanohalloran

Jaguars beat writer for the Florida Times-Union.

Vito Stellino - @vitostellino

The Legend been writing about football since before you were born.

Gene Frenette - @GeneFrenette

Another beat writer for the Florida Times-Union and misspeller extraordinaire.

Mark Long - @APMarkLong

Covers the Jaguars for the Associated Press.

Mike Dempsey - @md_1010xl

Host of the weekday morning Jaguars Today radio show on 1010XL.

Tony Smith - @1010xlfattony

Co-host of the Jaguars Today radio show.

Lauren Brooks - @1010XLLauren

Co-host of the Jaguars Today radio show.

Cap - @BoldCityCap

President of the Bold City Brigade and co-host of the Bold City Radio Show.