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Jaguars should release Justin Blackmon and completely disassociate

The Jaguars have given Justin Blackmon plenty of chances, but with his latest arrest it's in their best interest to completely disassociate with him.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars should release Justin Blackmon already.

It's time.

The former No. 5 overall pick was arrested Wednesday evening in Endmond, OK for possession of marijuana. This, while suspended indefinitely from the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy ... for a third time in just two seasons.

Blackmon was not going to be back for the 2014 season and the Jaguars said as much, when general manager Dave Caldwell told reporters that he did not expect Blackmon to be back this season. The team decided against releasing him while he served his indefintely suspension, which made sense in some regard, but now it doesn't make sense.

With Blackmon likely out until at least the 2015 season prior to this arrest, it appears he wouldn't likely even be back then considering what his arrest was for. In order to be admitted back into the NFL, Blackmon would had to have shown that he was recovered from his issues and they would no longer be a problem.

Obviously, they still are.

I don't want to get into a debate about the morality of marijuana, if it should be legal (I think it should be, though I do not partake) or if it as an addictive drug. But at this point, it's painfully clear Justin Blackmon has a problem and has done nothing to fix that problem.

Since his indefinite suspension, Blackmon has isolated himself from his teammates and the organization. While contact is limited with the actual coaching staff and front office due to the CBA, he did himself no favors by completely shutting everyone out, even teammates who reached out to him to see how he was doing during his suspension.

The Jaguars gain nothing by holding on to Blackmon, who clearly isn't in the frame of mind to help himself at this point, or simply doesn't care. It's time to officially move on and disassociate yourself from him.