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Jaguars 2014 training camp live blog

Follow along live with the first day of Jacksonville Jaguars training camp.

The Jacksonville Jaguars begin training camp on Friday morning at 9:55 A.M. The veteran players officially reported to EverBank Field on Thursday afternoon and the rookies reporting earlier in the week. The Jaguars will have their full 90-man roster in attendance, sans a few players dealing with injuries and suspended wide receiver Ace Sanders.

The live blog today will feature tweets, photos and video from people live at training camp so those of us not in attendance can get a feel for what's going on. If you see something cool on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram etc. feel free to drop them in the comments as well.

Use this as the open thread for training camp, too.

Some important information for training camp:

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Training camp Twitter list

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Training Camp Live Blog:

12:24 PM: Hugo Rodallega has been with Fulham since 2012, making 42 appearances and scoring five goals. He was formerly with Wigan Athletic.

12:16 PM: /runs through brick wall

11:20 AM: Jaguars practicing on the field, Fulham getting ready for tomorrow's match, CNBC wanting an interview. No big.

10:30 AM: With Fulham's friendly on Saturday night, camp attendees saw coaches and players in attendance.

10:30 AM: Hush, Eugene.

9:48 AM: Our fearless leader.

9:45 AM: People on the practice field! It's getting real!

9:28 AM: The first shot of the practice fields this morning. Absolutely beautiful sight.

9:14 AM: Looks like the water main and related utilities are working again.

9:06 AM: We're about an hour away from practice starting and fans are already showing up.

8:00 AM: It looks like training camp is getting off to a -- shitty -- start, with a water main breaking at EverBank Field, meaning there is no running water, toilets, showers or air conditioning at the facility.