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Jaguars training camp good, bad and the quarterbacks

The Jacksonville Jaguars got back on the practice field to begin 2014 training camp.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

JACKSONVILLE -- The Jacksonville Jaguars were on the field to begin 2014 training camp and get ready for the 2014 season. It was actually a great day, weather wise, as there was a nice breeze at the start of camp and it wasn't overly warm or humid.

All-in-all it was a typical first day of training camp, meaning not everyone was sharp and there were ups and downs.

"It was extremely competitive," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said after practice. "That usually happens the first day. We'll have to tone some things down a little bit as far as making sure we stay off the ground. Overall, it was pretty good."

The Good

Football is back. Not much really stood out in particular for the Jaguars on the first day of practice, which was to be expected. There were a few individuals who stood out to me however, though I did miss a chunk of practice sitting in with Mike Dempsey on Jaguars Today on 1010XL.

There were three players however who stood out to me in one way or another. Rookie receivers Allen Robinson and Damien Copeland flashed in individual and team drills. Copeland is a shifty slot receiver who did a good job working the middle of the field and the sidelines, making some nice grabs. Robinson also looked good on Friday, one play in particular where he laid out for a deep ball from Chad Henne and hauled in the catch.

On the defensive side of the ball, second-year defensive lineman Abry Jones flashed in one-on-one drills man handling some of the offensive line, albeit without pads are full "contact". Jones was an undrafted player that stood out to me last season and it looks like he's added weight and could be in competition for the one-technique role.

The Bad

No one was particularly bad on Friday, but some had their struggles. Rookie receiver Marqise Lee had some drops in drills, but that's not all that shocking if you watched his college career. Blake Bortles also had a few ducks, but that's to be expected early on.

"I think he was pretty good. Here’s what I appreciate about where Blake was. I saw him take some risks," Bradley said after practice. "He threw an interception in practice and came back and threw a seam route with two guys on him and he put it right between them. He made a great throw. That tells me something right there. He has no fear of failure and that’s a really cool sign for a quarterback. We are going to make some mistakes and I have said that before, it’s how you respond to it. I really saw first-hand that competitive spirit."

The Jaguars are breaking down his mechanics and building them from his footwork back up, which is what they need to do, so it's effecting his deeper throws at times and short throws across his body to the left. There's a small hitch delay, but that seems to be more of a comfort level than anything else.

There were also numerous penalties for the Jaguars today, as they had a group of referees for team practices.

"The worst thing was there were a lot of penalties. We have to take them out of our game. I’m looking more at the foolish penalties, lining up offside, jumping, the false starts, the pass interference’s, things like that," Bradley said after practice. "Aggressive penalties are going to be part of it. The foolish things we have to take care of. We talk about protect the team, stay on our feet, make good decisions, avoid collisions and things like that. For the most part we did well but there were other times we need to get taken care of. Those things are aggressive."

From my perspective, most of the penalties were called on the secondary for things like holding and pass interference.

The Quarterback stats from Ryan O'Halloran:

Chad Henne - 18 snaps, 8-of-9 passing; Bortles 17 snaps, 5-of-9 passing, one interception; Stephen Morris eight snaps, 2-of-6 passing; and Ricky Stanzi, nine snaps, 3-of-6 passing, one interception.