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Gus Bradley on DT Roy Miller: "I think he's really doing a nice job."

During his post-practice press conference, head coach Gus Bradley made sure to publicly encourage one young defensive lineman.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars closed out their second day of training camp practice. Among general observations and notes on how the practice went, head coach Gus Bradley singled out defensive tackle Roy Miller as having a great day at camp.

"We went by periods so I thought the nine on seven – it was one of those days where it kind of went back and forth – offense, defense, offense, defense, and that’s good to see. But some really good things showing up, like Roy Miller. I think he’s really doing a nice job. You can see he’s fully recovered, playing strong and doing some good things, along with some other guys."

Miller didn't show up on the stat sheet often last season, but that's because his position and role within the Jaguars defense doesn't lend itself to box scores. His job is to eat up double-teams and stuff running lanes. His job isn't to get sacks, or even make tackles.

It's good to see Bradley take the time to publicly acknowledge a player that doesn't get a lot of public recognition. Miller only had 24 tackles. But he played 14 games last season and helped a Jaguars run defense that gave up 141 yards per game in 2013 only allow 131 per game in 2014.

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