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2014 Jacksonville Jaguars training camp live blog

Follow along with Jacksonville Jaguars training camp as we bring you news, pictures, video and more from Day 3 of training camp.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars continue training camp on Saturday morning, after getting started on Friday. The first day went about how you'd expect a first day of NFL training camp to go: There were ups and downs. For those who can't attend training camp, we'll try to keep a live blog running each day it's open to the public and capture some of what people are tweeting about etc.

The live blog today will feature tweets, photos and video from people live at training camp so those of us not in attendance can get a feel for what's going on. If you see something cool on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram etc. feel free to drop them in the comments as well.

Use this as the open thread for training camp, too.

Some important information for training camp:

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Training Camp Live Blog:

12:47 AM: If you're not following Nate Stupar on Twitter, you need to be.

12:16 PM: Not a bad attendance figure for a city that's still hung over from the unveiling of the scoreboards. Reportedly, 52,961 tickets were distributed at EverBank Field on Saturday night.

11:47 AM: Before noon, three pairs of players had to be separated after fights... which sounds like something that might happen on the first day that pads came on.

11:34 AM: Now's when the fun begins.

11:01 AM: Mom?

10:51 AM: Even though Shorts admitted he was surprised and saddened at the two-week timetable put on his recovery, he was still an important part of today's practice. And these young receivers need it.

8:08 AM: At the beginning of today's practice, people were still buzzing about last night. Watch video of the full unveiling of the world's largest scoreboards here.