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Jaguars young receivers impressing Chad Henne

The Jaguars picked two receivers in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft and with all the injuries at the position, have been impressing the veterans.

Rob Foldy

(On Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson) "I think both of them are coming along making some big plays out there. There’s obviously rookie mistakes, but overall I think they grasped it pretty well with Cecil (Shorts III) being out and really stepping up to the challenge and competing each and every day."

(On the skill of Marqise Lee) "I just think he understands the position, how to position his body with the defensive back, (there’s) just certain things he does where it’s just natural to him. It’s almost like a five to 10-year vet the way he is with choice routes or if he’s one-on-one. If the guy flies outside, he just sits down instead of just running out underneath him. It’s really good stuff. We have to keep working with him and keep encouraging him and I think he’s going to do some good things."

(On the size of Allen Robinson) "I think we’re testing him to see what kind of range he does have and we know he has it. Keep throwing the high balls to him and try to make him go up there and make the play."