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Chad Henne has more freedom in Jaguars offense

Chad Henne is entering his second season in Jedd Fisch's Jaguars offense, which means he has a bit more freedom with the plays.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Henne is entering his second season in Jedd Fisch's offense and his first season starting out as the Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback. This means Henne knows  what to expect from Fisch and the things Fisch looks to attack on offense, but it also means he has a bit more freedom in the offense now.

"We’re in day three, so it’s too early to say, but it’s just about coming back and getting better every day," Henne told reporters on Sunday when asked about where the offense is right now. "Jedd [Fisch] has been putting a lot on our shoulders, more audibles, but it’s really just taking ownership of it. If I see something out there and I check out of something, he gets excited. It’s exciting for us because it shows him that we’re understanding the defense, understanding the offense and getting in the best plays that will work."

I don't know how much freedom either quarterback had at the line last season, but being the first year in a completely new offense, it couldn't be very much.

This offseason however, Henne at least, knows what to expect and what the style of the offense is going to be, so he should have a grasp of what's best to check to at the line against certain defensive fronts.