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Breaking down the Jaguars roster: Wide receiver Mike Brown

Breaking down the 90 players on the Jaguars offseason roster in 90 posts. Today we focus on wide receiver Mike Brown.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

To help get through the boring NFL offseason, we're going to attempt a series of breaking down the Jacksonville Jaguars 90-man roster. This is obviously subject to change with Dave Caldwell's wont to churn the roster and I'm sure that trend will continue going forward. Nevertheless, we'll start going down the roster sheet in alphabetical order and touch on why a player might improve, or regress and their chances of making the roster.

Next up, wide receiver Mike Brown.

Brown originally joined the Jaguars as an undrafted free agent, converting to wide receiver from quarterback after the 2012 NFL Draft. He showed some promise early on in training camp, despite changing positions and found himself on the team's practice squad, getting called up to the active roster for two games. In the 2013 season, Brown pushed to make himself part of the receiver rotation and played in 11 games, missing six due to a broken back. He was thrust into the starting lineup when injuries took their toll for the Jaguars and ended the season with nearly 500 receiving yards.

Why he might improve:

Brown has shown he puts in the work to improve at the wide receiver position, showing drastic improvement from year one to year two, even working with Cecil Shorts III in the offseason at Larry Fitzgerald's football camp. If Brown can show more improvement this offseason, with what he did to end the season he will be a  tough cut for the Jaguars in training camp.

Why he might regress:

I won't use the term "loaded" for the wide receiver position for the Jaguars right now, because outside of Shorts it's a big logjam of players with potential. It would appear that there are four receiver positions already locked up (assume Ace Sanders is one, which I am) so it leaves possibly just one or two spots. For the first time, Brown will have tough competition to make the final roster at the position. The biggest question is if he'll step up to the competition or fall by the wayside.

Chances of making the final roster:

Brown has an uphill battle to make the Jaguars final roster simply because they team has added both Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee in the second round. That means there is only one or two spots to fill at the receiver position and it will come down to players who have either skills none of the other receivers possess (i.e., size) or contributions on special teams. Brown doesn't really offer either of those, but he does offer the ability to play all three wide receiver spots. Personally, I think it's going to be a three-man race between Brown, Allen Hurns and Tandon Doss.