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Khalil Mack includes Blake Bortles on his 'sack checklist'

The No. 5 overall pick has the No. 3 overall pick on his quarterback sack checklist, but he won't be able to mark it off in 2014 unless the Jaguars and Raiders make the playoffs.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Oakland Raiders rookie linebacker Khalil Mack already has a "sack checklist" of quarterbacks he wants to bring down this season, which includes Jacksonville Jaguars No. 3 overall pick Blake Bortles.

"I think I have a couple guys on my sack list: AFC West resident Peyton Manning, fellow Class of 2014 member Blake Bortles, and I've got to put Tom Brady on there," Mack wrote in SI's MMQB. "Brady is going to pass the ball more than 36 times a game, so that's a lot of opportunities for me."

It's some nice company for Bortles to be mentioned with, but in all likelihood Mack was simply listing a player that was picked ahead of him by a team many thought would pick Mack.

The Jaguars are not scheduled to play the Raiders for the 2014 season and the earliest the two teams have a possibility of playing against one another, outside of the playoffs, is in 2015 if they finish in the same spot in their respective divisions, as the Jaguars will play an AFC West team at home in 2015. The Jaguars do currently have the Raiders on their home schedule in 2016, however.