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What's the most memorable play in Jaguars history?

The Jaguars have given fans a lot of memories -- Mark Brunell's scramble in the Denver playoff win, Fred Taylor's 90-yard run against the Dolphins, and more. Mike Dempsey and 1010XL's Jaguars Today are wondering... what's the most memorable play in Jaguars history?

When you're talking about memorable plays, you have a handful to choose from with the Jaguars.

Sadly, more of your choices probably exist in the first few years of the franchise's existence than in the last few years, but there's still a lot to choose from.

Remember Tony Brackens dancing his way to the end zone against the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 AFC Divisional game? Or Fred Taylor making the entire Dolphins defense miss on a 90-yard run earlier in the game?

What about Mark Brunell's scramble to keep a drive alive against the Denver Broncos in one of the biggest upsets in postseason history? Or Mike Hollis' field goal off the upright to give the Jaguars their first playoff win over the Buffalo Bills.

But for me, the most memorable play is Morten Andersen's miss in 1996.


Because other than helping the Jaguars to their first playoff berth, it's the play that most defies expectations. There's no way Andersen should have missed a 30-yard chip shot. He'd kicked with about 80% accuracy leading up to this game and he was a 15-year veteran who had stared down hundreds of situations like this in his career.

What do you think is the most memorable play in Jaguars history?

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