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FOX NFL roundtable lauds Jacksonville Jaguars plan

In an NFL roundtable discussion, FOX Sports praised the Jacksonville Jaguars offseason and plan, despite ranking them just 28th in their power rankings.

The Jacksonville Jaguars ranked in at 28th overall in the Fox Sports power rankings, which seems about right heading into the season. There was one notable thing in the video however and that was the general praise for the organization and head coach Gus Bradley.

"Boy, they got the right guy," Fox Sports analyst Jay Glazer said when the roundtable began discussing the Jaguars and their situation. "They really do," Joel Klatt said in agreement as the rest of the roundtable nodded in agreement.

The panel discussed that while the Jaguars might not have the most talented team just yet, on paper they have a lot of potential and significantly upgraded their defensive front seven. It seems most seem to think the Jaguars may not necessarily be good in 2014, but they'll be one of those teams no one wants to play.

If there's nothing else, simply watch this video for Randy Moss talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars because Randy Moss is the best.