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Who is the face of the Jaguars franchise?

With the dead zone officially here it's time to talk about things like the face of the franchise and other nonsensical things... so who is the current face of the franchise for the Jaguars?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

For much of the 1990's the face of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise was quarterback Mark Brunell and Tony Boselli. When you talked Jaguars football, those were generally the names who came up. Once their careers with the team were over, the face seemed to shift to a mixture of Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor, even though most fans seemed soured on "Fragile Fred".

Soon after the enigmatic Maurice Jones-Drew took over as the face of the franchise, simply because he can score loads of touchdowns and was a fantasy football centerpiece.

Jones-Drew is now gone however, and the Jaguars are kind of stuck in a dead space for the face. tried to look at the face of each franchise and here's who they came away with for the Jaguars:

Jacksonville Jaguars: Gus Bradley
This spot is normally reserved for the top player on the roster, but Bradley has quietly rebuilt the Jaguars into a competitive unit with his positive attitude and infectious personality. Watching the Jags progress in 2013, and seeing their late-season effort and enthusiasm, it was obvious the team bought into Bradley's message. Despite being overmatched at nearly every position, Jacksonville came off its Week 9 bye afire, winning four of five and consistently hanging in games. They've built upon that momentum by adding several quality players in free agency and through the draft. With Bradley's presence and competitive spirit behind it all, the Jaguars are clearly a reflection of their coach at this time.

It's hard to disagree right now that Bradley is the face, because he's the most notable member of the team right now and a seeming media darling. The article also goes on to suggest who's "next in line" for the face, with the answer being rookie quarterback Blake Bortles.

If everything works out, that's who it will ultimately be.

Who do you think is the face right now?