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Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 training camp live blog: Day 7

Follow along with Jacksonville Jaguars training camp as we bring you news, pictures, video and more from Day 7 of training camp.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars continue training camp on Thursday morning, entering their seventh day of training camp. For those who can't attend training camp, we'll try to keep a live blog running each day it's open to the public and capture some of what people are tweeting about etc.

The live blog today will feature tweets, photos and video from people live at training camp so those of us not in attendance can get a feel for what's going on. If you see something cool on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram etc. feel free to drop them in the comments as well.

Use this as the open thread for training camp, too.

Some important information for training camp:

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Training Camp Live Blog:

11:56 AM: With all the injuries at wide receiver, the Jaguars are working out former FSU wide receiver Kenny Shaw.

11:45 AM: Oh my.

11:24 AM: You can't say the coaches aren't giving Hurns a chance to prove himself. Henne has also put in a good camp overall this summer. It should be very interesting to see Hurns in the preseason. I fear if he doesn't make the 53-man roster that he won't pass waivers and get to our practice squad.

10:53 AM: In a game situation, I don't if this is completed. But it's good to see Hurns step up.

10:50 AM: Whether it's Blake Bortles or Chad Henne in at quarterback, Allen Hurns has been stepping up. In May, we predicted Hurns would make the 53-man roster and his performance in camp hasn't let us down.

10:36 AM: It's the day before the scrimmage and Gus Bradley is careful with camp injuries. Relax, everyone.

10:29 AM: All expected except for Brandon Linder, which is a shame given the rookie's recent work with the starters.

10:20 AM: Quite a few players out of practice today. I'd guess it's because of the scrimmage tomorrow, but as long as they're in the lineup Week 1 that's all that matters.

10:09 AM: Gus Bradley's intensity isn't sitting out of practice today.

9:15 AM: But will he be at the pool party tonight?