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Blake Bortles makes ESPN's 'Starting Slow' list because ESPN is silly

ESPN recently ran down a list of rookies who are "starting slow", which curiously included Blake Bortles.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

On a recent SportsCenter segment, that I admittedly did not witness first hand, Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback seemed to be included in a list of "slow starters" of rookies in the NFL preseason.

Which, is pretty odd. And hilarious.

Bortles completed 7 of 11 passes in his rookie debut for over 100 passing yards and might have been over 150 yards had he not had three bad drops. Additionally, outside of Jimmy Garoppolo, Bortles arguably had the best debut for the 2014 NFL rookie quarterback class.

But, I guess because he didn't throw a touchdown or something he's considered a slow starter with the likes of players who didn't even register on the box score stat sheet.

That makes sense. I guess.