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Gus Bradley: Chad Henne will play entire first half vs. Bears

No. 3 overall draft pick Blake Bortles may have outplayed Chad Henne, but that doesn't mean the rookie is going to cut into any of the veteran's reps against the Bears.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley is going to give veteran Chad Henne every opportunity to cement his place as the regular season starter, and that includes playing the entire first half against the Chicago Bears on Thursday night.

According to Hays Carylon of the Florida-Times Union, Bradley was candid when talking about quarterback playing time in Week 2 of the preseason.

"I know Chad is going the first half," Bradley said after Tuesday morning's practice. "Then, Blake will come in in the second half. We're leaning towards he'll play the second half."

However, to get Bortles extra reps, Bradley also noted that Ricky Stanzi and Stephen Morris may not even see the field on Thursday night.

"As we discuss it tonight, it may switch a little bit to get those other guys in," Bradley said. "But that's what we're leaning towards now."

Although Bortles won't see any time with the starters this week, Bradley did mention on Saturday that the No. 3 overall draft pick will get reps with the first team at some point in the preseason. Most likely, it'll come next week against the Detroit Lions. Week 3 of the preseason is when starters typically play the longest, so we could see Bortles come in after halftime and still be leading the first team.