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Worst Performers of the Week

A look at the top performers in the Jaguar's 16-10 preseason win over the Buccaneers.

Rob Foldy


Michael Brewster

Brewster came into the season with the inside track to win the starting center job, but it looks like he lost any advantage he had last Friday. With two bad snaps and below average play in the run game, the Jaguars have reopened their center competition with Brandon Linder and Jacques McClendon getting snaps this week. The poor interior line play isn't all on Brewster, but he is going to have to show a lot more if he wants to man the position going forward.

Mike Brown

Brown didn't necessarily have a bad game, but those two drops last week really brought his performance down. Both drops would have been big first downs  for the offense, but he wasn't able to secure either for even a second. I'm not too worried about Brown overall, he has been a consistent receiver and came back to make plays in the third quarter, but he missed his opportunity to make a bigger impact.

Marcel Jensen

The only play that Marcel Jensen stood out this week was his false start in the second half. He had a poor game as a run blocker and had no impact on the passing game. Jensen has had a good camp so far and shows potential going forward, but his poor performance in his first game could set him back a bit.

Chad Henne

In the first preseason game Chad Henne reminded us that he is the same QB as last year. He made some good plays but mostly made bad ones, highlighted by a batted pass and a near interception that basically gift-wrapped for the defender. Of his 4 completions none traveled more than 7 yards down the field. Henne never really had a clean pocket to work in, but the Jaguars need him to produce in that situation because it doesn't look like its going to get much better.


Third String Secondary

There weren't too many bad performances on the defensive side of the ball this week, but probably the worst group was our secondary during the Buc's touchdown drive. They let up 66 passing yards and were only able to break up one pass during the drive. The play that stands out the most was a 27 yard completion to RB Charles Sims where the closest defenders when he caught it were 10 yards behind him at the line of scrimmage.

Overall we got a very good performance out of the defense throughout the game. There wasn't really a big weakness and it seems like we will have good depth behind our starters. There were some bad plays, but overall no player really stood out in a negative way.