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Is Brandon Linder the Jaguars best option at center?

The Jaguars are trying to figure out who their starting center will be and it might be the player they drafted to play guard.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars still don't know who is going to be their starting center, a critical position on the offensive line, but the team might have found their guy against the Chicago Bears. Third round pick Brandon Linder started taking snaps at center leading up to the game Friday night and got time in the second quarter at the position.

Linder was impressive in action at center, even pancaking one of the Bears defensive tackles on a few running plays. Most notably, Linder did not stand out in a bad way, which is more than most of the others taking a stab at center can say.

The problem with moving Linder to center however, is you now have a hole at the right guard position. The good thing is though, it's generally easier to find a guard to plug into the lineup than it is a center. Not to mention the pairing of Luke Bowanko and Linder on the line seemed to work out well until Bowanko left the game with an injury.

Thankfully, Bowanko's injury is just a sprain, but it looked much worse.

With Michael Brewster struggling at center as well as Jacques McClendon struggling at right guard, it opens up the depth chart for others to make the final 53-man roster. If McClendon can't hack it at guard, do you keep a center-only interior lineman as a backup? If Brewster can't hold on to a starting job, does he even make the final roster?

By week four of the preseason, we should know what the opening day lineup. Against the Detroit Lions next week, the team should start Linder at center and see if his play continues, then figure out the right guard position.