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Live blog: Everything you need to know about the Jaguars scrimmage

The Jacksonville Jaguars kickoff a scrimmage at EverBank Field Saturday evening, if you can't go here's how you can keep up!

The Jacksonville Jaguars kick off their annual scrimmage at EverBank Field on Saturday evening. It's been a full week of training camp practices now with a few days in full pads and nearly "live" practice, but on Saturday in the stadium it will be the closest to a game you'll get until the Buccaneers travel to Jacksonville this upcoming Friday for the preseason.

For those who will not be going to the scrimmage (like me, already had obligations), the team is making it possible for you to watch the scrimmage live on the world wide web because technology is great.

You can watch the scrimmage live on beginning at 6:30 p.m. and running until 9:30 p.m., however it will not be archived for you to watch later.

Jaguars scrimmage live blog:

10:28 PM: Just kidding. Here's video of Storm Johnson returning the opening scrimmage kickoff for a touchdown.

8:14 PM: And with Ricky Stanzi in the game, it's time to go.

8:03 PM: Blake Bortles' first touchdown for the Jacksonville Jaguars. And there was much rejoicing.

7:48 PM: First half is over. Quarterbacks have been efficient, but drives are stalling in the red zone. Three field goals -- two from Josh Scobee and one from rookie punter Kasey Redfern -- is all there is to show for it.

7:45 PM: This is in reference to Blake Bortles and it's been a consistent reference all night. He had bad, wobbly passes at times, but he was never afraid to stand in the pocket and make the throw.

7:33 PM: Even more encouraging was that this was in a "backed up" situation. Bortles threw from the two-yard line.

7:29 PM: Beautiful.

7:20 PM: Storm Johnson would have gotten tackled at midfield, but he had good vision and it still would've been a solid return.

6:52 PM: The defensive line has been a welcome surprise this offseason, but Brian Sexton is right... Ziggy Hood hasn't shown much.

6:45 PM: Obligatory scoreboard update.

6:41 PM: Yup. All eyes on the quarterbacks and running backs tonight.

6:37 PM: Sad to not be able to see our new running back, but it'll be good to see more of Denard Robinson, Jordan Todman, Storm Johnson, and possibly rookie Terrance Cobb.

6:28 PM: It'll be interesting to see what Gus Bradley and offensive coordinator do with Blake Bortles. Will they keep him exclusively with the second-string? Will he see limited work with the starters?

5:48 PM: No, Brent. It never will.