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Texans make their players run laps when they make mistakes

The Houston Texans have another high school tradition to go with their letterman jackets; Running laps when you make a mistake.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans have a brand new coaching staff for the 2014, after the team shockingly ended up with the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. This following a season where they were NFL darlings and even sported letterman jackets because to someone that seemed like a good idea.

To go along with the high school theme of letterman jackets, the Texans have brought on another high school football tradition; Running laps when you make a mistake.

via the Houston Chronicle

It may be an old-fashioned tactic, but coach Bill O'Brien is penalizing players for mental mistakes by making them immediately run a lap around the practice field in full view of their teammates, the media and invited onlookers.

Well, this certainly seems like a really good idea in training camp. Is O'Brien going to make guys take laps during the preseason too if they blow a coverage or jump offsides?

I wonder if the Texans have to line their helmets up in a straight line or be married, too. Seems like that happened somewhere, I'm not sure... and it ended up in disaster. Anyone remember that?