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Blake Bortles already calling audibles in Jaguars offense

The rookie quarterback is already far enough along to where he recognizes mismatches and audibles to advantageous plays.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

We all know the Jacksonville Jaguars have been steadfast in saying that Chad Henne is the team's starting quarterback and the plan is to bring rookie quarterback Blake Bortles along, letting him learn on the sideline and develop. Unfortunately for the coaching staff, Bortles' play has forced the conversation to when he can take over the starting job.

He's already showing quick development from week-to-week.

"As for Blake, between game one and game two, he keeps getting better in terms of understanding the offense," Jaguars offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch told reporters prior to Tuesday's practice. "His knowledge base is improving, so he can play faster, make corrections on the fly, and make adjustments."

We saw Bortles make one of those corrections against the Chicago Bears, leading to his second longest pass of the day.

"He did a good job of checking a play and throwing to Kerry Taylor for a 38-yard gain on the left sideline," Fisch said Tuesday. "It was second and one. He saw a loaded box and decided to check it, so I think that shows a guy with great confidence. So, that part of learn. He is throwing the ball with a little bit better velocity, maybe using his lower body better."

So through two games Bortles has already shown significant in-game strides in his footwork, which has seen the velocity return to his passes, and started making checks at the line of scrimmage because he's recognizing coverages. Not only that, but just last week he forgot a play call and just made one up, which also went for a big gain.

He needs to sit and learn, though.