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Jaguars have increased $205 million in value since Shad Khan's purchase

Since Shad Khan's purchase, the value of the Jaguars franchise has increase over $200 million.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars were continuously the lowest valued NFL franchise for quite sometime, but over the last few seasons their value has increased. More specifically, the Jaguars value has increased nearly $205 million since current owner Shad Khan purchased the team from Wayne Weaver.

For comparison, Khan purchased Fulham FC for reportedly $300 million.

Forbes recently released their annual ranking of NFL franchises by their currently value and shockingly the Jaguars are not dead last. That prize currently belongs to the St. Louis Rams, who's future locale is in a bit of an unknown area. This year, the Jaguars come in at 29th overall, sandwiched between the Oakland Raiders and the Detroit Lions, with the Jaguars valued at $965 million and pulling in reportedly $243 million in revenue.

With a new television contract on the horizon, it's likely the Jaguars eclipse the one billion mark in the next two years or so, especially considering how much the value has increased in just the first two years of Khan's ownership.