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Preseason Week 2 J.A.G.S

We already looked at the best players from last week, now we will see who was Just a Guy.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Offense

Jacques McClendon

McClendon had a chance to pull ahead of Mike Brewster last week, but he wasn't able to capitalize on the opportunity. The two interior lineman stand even in the worst way possible for the team. Brewster had some obvious flaws in the first game and was closer to average in the second. McClendon went the other way, following a relatively solid performance with one riddled with flaws. His stronger suit last week came in pass protection but he struggled in that area last Thursday. We have to hope he can turn it around to have some stability on the offensive line.

Jordan Todman

While no one really stood out in the run game this week, I would say Jordan Todman was the one who performed the worst. He ended the game with 8 carries for 18 yards for an average of 2.8 yards/carry. One of the big reasons for this was the offensive line play, but it was a poor showing either way. I still believe he is going to be Gerhart's main back-up, but he needs to turn in a solid game tomorrow to help solidify the position.

Stephen Morris

No one is really too sure about the Jaguar's third QB situation, but Stephen Morris didn't do anything to show he deserves that role last Thursday. He only threw one pass week one, which he completed, but last week he was 3/6 for only 18 yards. The plan could be to try and stash Morris on the practice squad and develop him over the season with him not performing up to expectations.

The Defense

The Rookies

Neither Telvin Smith nor Chris Smith had a really bad game last week, but they are definitely showing they need to catch up to NFL game speed.  Telvin Smith showed great instincts in the run game against the Buc's, but he showed cracks last week that are pretty normal for a rookie LB. Chris Smith also didn't perform as well as he did in the first game, and never really did anything against the Bears. He had one QB hit but that was the extent of his game.

4th Quarter Defense

Just like last week the Jaguar's third stringers were the shakiest of the whole defense last week. Giving up two long touchdown drives in the 4th quarter is never a good sign, but there isn't too much to worry about because our starters and back-ups have been playing well so far. Overall the defense has looked solid and no player has been especially bad so far.


The refs are the main cause of the large volume of penalties in last week's game, but there were still way too many to be acceptable, 14 penalties for a total of 141 yards. The penalties should hopefully decrease as the refs get less strict on their points of emphasis, so I don't expect this to be a problem all season.