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Jaguars vs. Lions live blog, TV time, streaming and more

Here's your open discussion thread to talk about anything and everything dealing with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Detroit Lions preseason matchup.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars will head to Michigan on Friday in preparation for their preseason matchup with the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. It's the all important third preseason game for both teams, which means that you will see the starters likely playing into the third quarter and it will be the closest to a real game that we'll get until opening day.

The big story revolving around the game is that the Jaguars will be giving No. 3 overall pick Blake Bortles snaps with the first team offense against the Lions first team defense. Chad Henne will start the game and play about a quarter and a half before the rookie quarterback gets in the game. It will be a big test for Bortles, who's looked excellent in the first two preseason games, but those games were against backups.

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Live blog:

10:39 PM: The Jaguars lost the game to the Lions, but the real story was Blake Bortles out playing Chad Henne once again.

10:28 PM: This was after Stanzi's second interception of the game. He came in at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Lions are going to win this one, but Bortles' performance encourages me.

10:17 PM: Touchdown Detroit! And the two-point conversion fails. The Jaguars have a little more than seven minutes to mount a comeback. They're only down 13-12, so anything could happen, but with Ricky Stanzi in the game and looking underwhelming in the last drive I wouldn't expect much. However, about George WinnI asked Pride of Detroit earlier in the week about him. If he goes in the final cuts, I'd love for him to come to Jacksonville.

9:46 PM: Blake Bortles Blake Bortles Blake Bortles Bla

9:44 PM: This was right after Blake Bortles threw a third-quarter strike to Allen Hurns. Hurns timed the comeback route perfectly and Bortles put it so that Hurns had to make a move inside if he wanted to catch it. It was, in a word, fantastic. Jaguars up 12-7.

8:57 PM: First half over! Blake Bortles almost got picked on third down, but who cares? He's throwing the ball downfield and that's more than you can say for Chad Henne.

8:56 PM: omg.

8:53 PM: This was on a 2nd-and-25.

8:37 PM: For those counting at home, that's four Jaguars starters that have left the first half due to injury.

8:34 PM: Yeah, you can't do that, Suh.

8:33 PM: Oh no.

8:18 PM: Asking the tough questions.

8:08 PM: Windmill's glory of an interception is not in vain.

8:03 PM: On Detroit's third drive of the game, Matt Stafford opened with a pass to Calvin Johnson which was intercepted by... Andre Branch?

7:56 PM: On Detroit's second drive, Reggie Bush takes a run off right tackle for 86 yards. Several defenders missed assignments and tackles, but Jonathan Cyprien took an especially bad angle on the ball.

7:44 PM: Yay!

7:44 PM: This is going to be our Week 1 starting offensive line. I thought Luke Bowanko could make a push during training camp, but he needs more time.

8:00 AM: That's right... Cecil Shorts III is back and it looks like he's going to get at least two series in at receiver tonight.

7:30 AM: Kickoff isn't for another 12 hours. While you wait, make sure you read about how Shad Khan has helped increase the value of the Jaguars by more than $200 million since he bought the team in 2012.