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Blake. Boom Clap

With Blake Bortles expected to get a full quarter of reps tonight, I will be in full out celebration mode all day.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Bortles has played so well in his first outings that it naturally demands the question: which songs make you think of Blake Bortles?

Great question. Thanks for asking.

1. First up. My passion for Blake has me like Boom, Clap. The beat of my heart goes on and on and on and...

2.  Second. Everytime I take my clothes off, and Im in the shower, I start to dance. The rhythm was placed in my feet by Mr. Bortles.

3. Third. I would be flat out lying if I said that I didnt notice what Blake was working with. Prototype QB body, indeed.

4. Finally. Even though it's only Blake's first game playing with the first team, I cant imagine life without him. Im sure you feel the same.

Enjoy the game tonight, nephews. The future is now. /lights candles