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Chad Henne Jaguars Week 1 starter, says Gus Bradley

The Jaguars won't be starting Blake Bortles Week 1, at least according to Gus Bradley.

Jonathan Daniel

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley confirmed that veteran quarterback Chad Henne will start Week 1 against the Philadelphia Eagles in his post game press conference, following the Jaguars loss to the Detroit Lions. The question was bound to come up after Bortles performance on Friday evening, but Bradley appeared ready to squash any talk immediately.

Chad Henne struggled in the loss to the Lions on Friday night, albeit he was under duress most of the evening. On the plays where he wasn't however, he still missed badly on throws he should hit and failed to follow up his good performance the following week against the Chicago Bears.

Through three games in the preseason so far, Henne has been typical Henne. He was unspectacular, though not awful against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He looked good, despite missing some throws against the Bears and then was bad against the Lions. Chad Henne went Chad Henne.

Despite the fact that the No. 3 overall pick, Blake Bortles, has been consistently good through the first preseason games, it appears Henne is the guy Week 1.