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Blake Bortles will get first team reps during regular season

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While the Jaguars are mum when he'll start, the No. 3 overall pick will get some first team reps during the regular season.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

While the Jacksonville Jaguars are seemingly sticking to their plan of not playing rookie quarterback Blake Bortles until he's "ready", he'll still get some first team reps during the regular season in practice.

"Yeah. During the team period, I could see it. If there are ten plays, maybe (he’ll get) a couple plays," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said on Tuesday when asked if Bortles would get first team reps during the season. "He’s also going to get all of the service team reps as well. I shouldn’t say all of the service team reps. There may be a period where he goes over and works on some individual."

Bradley also noted that Chad Henne probably wouldn't take all the first team in practice, lending more credence to the Bortles sitting the entire season being highly unlikely.

One of the concerns with Bortles sitting and learning is that once the regular season starts, reps in practice are generally dominated by the starting players. The back up quarterback will only take a handful of reps overall, so it would be tough to judge how far a player is actually progressing.

As expected though, with Bortles rapid progression and play on the field in the NFL preseason, he's going to soak up some first team reps during the regular season and run the scout team when he's not, which typically goes against the first team defense as they prepare for the team they're playing each week.