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Jaguars preseason: Week 3 standouts vs. Lions

A look at the top performers from Jacksonville's 13-12 loss against the Detroit Lions.

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The Offense

Blake Bortles

Yet again Blake Bortles has been one of the top players of the Jaguars offense. While he had a few hiccups throughout the game he displayed everything you want in a young quarterback. He started off the game with an 79-yard drive in the last two minutes to give the Jaguars three points.

He threw for more yards in two minutes than Chad Henne did in a quarter and a half. We also got to see his first touchdown on a curl route to Allen Hurns where Bortles audibled after reading the coverage. There isn't much more to prove at this point, he has gotten better each game and performed fantastically with first team reps. We all need to trust in the team's plan, but it's getting harder and harder to stomach another season of Henne with Bortles on the bench.

Allen Hurns

If there were any doubts after the first two weeks, it should be clear now that Allen Hurns is a lock to make the roster. He has been the most consistent receiver throughout the preseason and has developed chemistry with both Chad Henne and Blake Bortles. Preseason studs don't always pan out when the real games start, but the constant improvement leading to a 113 yard performance last week is hard to ignore when the regular season comes.

The Defense

Jonathan Cyprien

Cyprien was drafted in hopes of being the new Kam Chancellor for Gus Bradley's scheme, a role in which he seems to be fitting in nicely. He seemed to be in on every tackle and was making plays all over the field. He also nearly had an interception early in the game after jumping a curl route perfectly. He did have one bad play where he blew his assignment leading to an 89 yard run by Reggie Bush.

Cyprien is a player that many expect to take a big step forward this season and all indications are that he is going to do just that.

J.T. Thomas

Thomas came into camp with a slim chance to make the roster but he has steadily been getting better each week.  The past two games Thomas has performed well each game and if he can keep it up tomorrow he should get one of those last few roster spots.

Andre Branch (and that interception)

While Branch didn't do anything well the entire game, I just wanted to give out special mention to his interception in the 1st quarter. He is a candidate to get cut next week, so maybe he can make the switch to defensive back if he can't make it on the line.