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Top 5 Blake Bortles throws in 2014 preseason

He's made us laugh, he's made us cry, he's made us erupt in spontaneous dance and song. Here's the top five Blake Bortles throws this preseason.

Sam Greenwood

The Jacksonville Jaguars took a chance on drafting Blake Bortles in the 2014 NFL Draft. A lot of us thought it could be Khalil Mack, Sammy Watkins, or even Johnny Manziel. But instead, Dave Caldwell made Bortles the No. 3 overall pick with the hopes that his size, athleticism, and potential would bloom over the course of his rookie season.

Fortunately for us, Bortles has shown he was worth a top-three pick from the opening preseason game.

The rookie out of UCF has shown us a lot this preseason, but here's his top five throws so far:

Honorable mention: Across-the-field throw vs. Lions

This wasn't really a "great" throw in the sense that he turned great coverage by the Lions and a breakdown in blocking by his offensive line into a circus throw that resulted in positive yards. But it showed his athleticism and his ability to make things happen on the fly.

No. 5: His first NFL completion... after he slips

Yup. His first NFL pass is after he slips on the wet grass. And it's a bullet.

No. 4: Bortles gets into a rhythm

This was Bortles' 12th pass in the opening preseason game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was obvious to see he was getting more and more comfortable looking downfield and trusting his vision as the game progressed. This 31-yard throw to Mike Brown over the middle proved just that.

No. 3: Understanding and exploiting the Bears defense

In just his second NFL game, Bortles already shows he can read and exploit NFL defenses. In this instance, he saw a loaded box and decided to check it, looking rather to Kerry Taylor along the left sideline.

No. 2: Another audible, a tight window, and his first NFL touchdown

On his first NFL touchdown, rookie receiver Allen Hurns timed the comeback route perfectly and Bortles put it so that Hurns had to make a move inside if he wanted to catch it. It was, in a word, fantastic.

No. 1: The 57-yard bomb to Marqise Lee

Blake Bortles clearly needs to sit and learn. How else would he know how to pump fake, look off a safety, and then come back to hit Marqise Lee for a 57-yard touchdown?

Any throws we missed? Let us know what we should have included in the comments below.