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50 best plays of 2013 - No. 5: Brad Meester becomes franchise-leader in receptions for a center

We're counting down the 50 best plays of 2013. Who made it to No. 5? Brad Meester and his Week 16 reception against the Titans.

Stacy Revere

In the 50 days leading up to the preseason opener between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we're counting down the 50 best plays of 2013.

Yesterday at No. 6 was J.T. Thomas and the punt team blocking a kick and getting a safety to start off the Week 1 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

In at No. 5? Brad Meester's route-running, hands, vision, and quickness on the only reception of his career... in the last home game of his 14-year career.

14 seasons. 4 head coaches. 209 games --  which includes a string of 92 consecutive starts. One of the team's all-time greats.

Should Meester's reception be higher on the list? Lower? Let us know in the comments below.