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NFL practice squad rules, eligibility and who the Jaguars can add

The Jaguars can add 10 players to their practice squad, but there are specific requirements the players have to meet.

Rob Foldy

NFL teams trimmed down their rosters from 75 to 53 players on Saturday by the 4 p.m. deadline. The Jaguars made their final cuts, with not really an surprises. The team can now begin to claim players on waivers if they wish, but the next big step will be adding players to their practice squad.

First and foremost, before players can be added to the practice squad they have to clear the NFL's waiver wire, which ends at 12 p.m. ET Sunday.

How many players per practice squad?

Previously teams could sign eight players to their practice squad. A few weeks ago however, the NFL recently changed the rules allowing teams to sign a maximum of 10 players to their practice squad.

What makes a player eligible?

Players can be eligible if he does not have an accrued season in the NFL. To have an accrued season, you have to be active for at least six regular-season games. If a player has an accrued season but was on the 45-man game day roster less than nine times, they can also be added to the practice squad. Players are allowed to spend two seasons on a team's practice squad.

With the addition of extra two players to the practice squad, teams can now have two players with up to 32 games on an active roster over their first two seasons, meaning essentially any 2012 or 2013 rookies now become eligible. This allows teams a lot more flexibility with who they decide to put on the squad, and with who they decide to bring up to the active roster during the course of a season.

Who will the Jaguars add to their practice squad?

The Jaguars will add at least one quarterback to their practice squad and reports seemed to indicate that Stephen Morris would be that guy, in lieu of Ricky Stanzi. I'm chalking that up to Jedd Fisch's familiarity with Morris and the fact that he's a rookie with some good physical tools to play the position.

With that said, here are my guesses:

Stephen Morris, QB
Craig Loston, S
Marcus Whitfield, LB
Cody Booth, OT
DeAndre Coleman, DT
Jamell Fleming, CB
Drew Nowak, OL