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Jacksonville Jaguars announce initial 2014 practice squad

As the Jaguars announce their initial 2014 practice squad, we'll update it on our live tracker here.

Sam Greenwood

The Jacksonville Jaguars have named their initial practice squad for the 2014 NFL season. The team is allowed a maximum of 10 players on the practice squad, given they meet certain eligibility criteria.

Here's the initial Jaguars practice squad, as it stands currently:

1. QB Stephen Morris
2. WR Kerry Taylor
3. LB Marcus Whitfield
4. OT Cody Booth
5. DL DeAndre Coleman
6. SS Craig Loston
7. WR Tony Washington
8. RB Henry Josey
9. CB Peyton Thompson
10. TE Marcel Jensen

11:48 AM: We're all done with the initial practice squad. Rookie Marcel Jensen cleared waivers.

3:35 PM: Are we there yet?

10:54 AM: The Jaguars have added a cornerback to their practice squad.


5:40 PM: It'd be nice to have some tight end depth on the practice squad. We'll find out tomorrow.

5:40 PM: Six of the first eight spots on the practice squad are from the Jaguars, but wide receiver Tony Washington is another outside signing. He spent some time with the Indianapolis Colts.

5:31 PM: That's two more additions to the Jaguars practice squad from final cuts.

5:24 PM: For those who don't know, Henry Josey was the leading rusher through this year's preseason. He's also got some kick return abilities. Not a bad pickup for general manager Dave Caldwell.

1:24 PM: Stephen Morris was the first signing and it's not much of a surprise. He was considered a lock once the team cut Ricky Stanzi, given his connection with offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch.

Remember that any of these players can be signed by another team at any point of the season. If a team signs a player off another team's practice squad however, they must be on the active game day roster for a certain number of games. This prevents teams from freely just plucking players to pick their brains on a team for a week and then cut them.

The players on the Jaguars practice squad will likely change throughout the season, but this will be their 10-player squad for Week 1.