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Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 training camp live blog: Day 9

Follow along with Jacksonville Jaguars training camp as we bring you news, pictures, video and more from Day 9 of training camp.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars continue training camp on Monday morning, entering their ninth day of training camp. For those who can't attend training camp, we'll try to keep a live blog running each day it's open to the public and capture some of what people are tweeting about, and more.

The live blog today will feature tweets, photos and video from people live at training camp so those of us not in attendance can get a feel for what's going on. If you see something cool on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram, feel free to drop them in the comments as well.

Use this as the open thread for training camp, too.

Some important information for training camp:

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Training Camp Live Blog:

11:55 AM: Again, no reason for Toby Gerhart to be worked hard until Week 1. He'll be rested and ready.

11:50 AM: Lackluster practice. Young receivers dropped passes, Blake Bortles and Chad Henne both looked off... the only position group that played well was the secondary. The defensive line also rushed well and tipped a few passes.

11:45 AM: In case you didn't know, our 6'6" tight end could be a red zone target in 2014.

11:21 AM: Uh oh. (Also, DiRocco meant "dressed down" instead of "seesaw down" I think.)

11:08 AM: Which is it guys?!

10:50 AM: When is Allen Robinson back again?

10:44 AM: It's interesting that Kenny Shaw wasn't drafted, or hasn't stuck around with one team through the offseason. It'll be hard for the former Florida State receiver to stick around in Jacksonville too, with Allen Hurns, Kerry Taylor, and Mike Brown doing well in camp.

10:29 AM: Alan Ball was ruled out of training camp on July 22nd, and it's encouraging to have him back practicing with the secondary this morning.

10:28 AM: Check it out!

10:28 AM: Yeah, Toby Gerhart's not playing on Friday night.

10:05 AM: Just four more days. Just four more days. Just four more days.

9:55 AM: I'm not overly concerned about Toby Gerhart missing a few days of practice. Honestly, the coaching staff probably saw all they needed of him in the first week and want to give some more reps to Jordan Todman and Terrance Cobb, who are fighting for that last running back spot.


9:14 AM: Carson Tinker found time before training camp to vote. What's your excuse?

8:08 AM: Before training camp begins, do yourself a favor and vote for Jaxson De Ville as the best mascot in sports. Bailey and Tux the Penguin do not deserve to win.