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Jaxson De Ville is the best mascot in sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars mascot is the best mascot in sports and we should vote for him so everyone knows.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Jaxson De Ville won!

Jaxson De Ville needs your help... and your vote!

We all know that the Jacksonville Jaguars have the best mascot in all of sports in Jaxson De Ville, but that's because we see him week in and week out, often multiple times per week. It's not just that Jaxson nose dives off the light fixtures in EverBank Field before every game, but it's everything else he does in combination with that.

Here are some things that Jaxson De Ville has done that make him the best if you're unconvinced:

Just recently Jaxson belly flopped in the new Cabana Pools in EverBank Field at the Void/Bold City Brigade party.

He also smoked everyone's favorite news aggregator, Mike Florio in a twitter feud.

Back in 2010 he tackled "Tim Tebow" before the Jaguars home opener against the Denver Broncos, which was Tebow's NFL homecoming. It made a lot of people upset and it was hilarious.

He went streaking in London.

Made a bet with the Colts mascot, lost it and then got destroyed with a paintball gun.

There are many more reasons, but these are just some of the few off the top of my head. Let's vote him number one.

You can cast your vote here for Jaxson, who we all know for a fact is the best mascot.