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What's Toby Gerhart's fantasy football potential in 2014?

The Jaguars won't have a lot of players you should draft in fantasy football this year, but running back Toby Gerhart could be a steal in the later rounds.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars won't be a haven of fantasy football points. Unless you're trying to troll the rest of your league, only a few players are worthy of being drafted.

Josh Scobee certainly comes to mind. With an offense that could be effective in the middle of the field, but stall in the red zone, Scobee could get a lot of chances.

Cecil Shorts could be a capable backup if you're leaning on running backs this year, or if one of your starters is on a bye.

Chad Henne is, um, well, he could, uh... nah, man, nah.

But if you're a Jaguars fan and want a player who can contribute on a consistent basis, look no further than running back Toby Gerhart.

Firstly, he's the undisputed starter in Jacksonville. With so many teams taking a running back-by-committee approach, or at the very least giving two guys a significant amount of touches, you'll have the luxury of knowing Gerhart will be the "bell cow" back.

Also, over the course of his career, he's caught more than 74% of his targets. Compare that with arguably the top three running backs in this year's draft: LeSean McCoy (78%), Adrian Peterson (71%), and Jamaal Charles (70%).

His 4.7 yards-per-carry may have been a result of his role as a backup with the Minnesota Vikings, and I see that average decreasing in 2014, but not by much. With head coach Gus Bradley very high on Gerhart, he could very well make up for it with a higher carries-per-game than a lot of running backs in the league.

If the Jaguars didn't have three new starters along the interior of the offensive line, Gerhart could crack the top-50 of fantasy prospects. But as it stands, he probably ranks among the bottom of the top-20 running backs.

Gerhart will probably get snapped up in the fifth round of 10- or 12-team leagues, but if he's still around after that, he'll be an absolute steal.

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