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Which Jaguars player is facing the most pressure?

Entering Week 2 of the NFL season, which Jaguars player is facing the most pressure?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There were some surprising games on Sunday during Week 1 of the NFL season, including the Jacksonville Jaguars leading the Philadelphia Eagles 17-0 at halftime. Usually there is an overreaction both ways and fans put pressure on certain players to rebound off their Week 1 game.

So who on the Jaguars is under the most pressure to perform in Week 2?

For me, it's running back Toby Gerhart.

Gerhart had 18 carries on Sunday for just 42 yards, but he clearly wasn't 100 percent once he injured his ankle. The Jaguars offensive line didn't really do him any favors, but most of the focus is going to be on Gerhart to improve upon those numbers on Sunday against Washington. If the Jaguars want to win, they're going to need Gerhart to perform much better than he did last Sunday.