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Why Justin Blackmon's suspension will not be overturned

The NFL just changed their drug policy, meaning some players could have their suspensions overturned, but not Justin Blackmon.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to introduce a new drug testing policy which could overturn some of the current suspensions in the NFL. One suspension that will not be overturned however is that of Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

Why not? Because Blackmon's suspension occurred during the 2013 NFL league year, and the new policy is retroactive to March 11, 2014.

In some cases like that of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, who tested positive during the 2013 league year but was not suspended until the 2014 league year, his suspension is likely to be reduced rather than completely overturned.

Blackmon served a four game suspension to start the 2013 NFL season and then after just four games being back, was again suspended indefinitely for a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. Since that suspension Blackmon has been in minimal contact with the organization and teammates; he was also arrested for marijuana possession in July of this year.

Blackmon can still request reinstatement to the NFL during the 2014 season.