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Jaguars will likely start Chad Henne against the Colts

It doesn't sound like the Jaguars will be making a change at the quarterback position just yet.

Rob Carr

The Jacksonville Jaguars will start veteran Chad Henne at quarterback on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. There was some thought that the team could make the switch to Blake Bortles after Sunday's performance in Washington, but head coach Gus Bradley sounds like he's sticking with Henne for the time being.

"I feel very strongly about Chad," Bradley said on Monday. "If you're asking me right now, yeah, Chad Henne's our starter."

Henne was sacked 10 times on Sunday against Washington, but some of that was on him holding the football. The offense overall was listless and scored only on what seemed to be a fluke play by Marcedes Lewis where the safety took a bad angle on the ball and another defensive back fell down.

"We haven't talked about that part of it," Bradley said when asked if he was leaving a crack for Bortles to start. "I know what you're asking, but I can't answer that right now."

Through two games this season, Henne has been sacked 13 times and has completed just 53.5 percent of his passes, picking up 459 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. It's unlikely the Jaguars make a change at the quarterback position until it's plainly obvious that's the only issue.

A game in which the defense gives up 41 points, isn't going to force that change.