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Which Colts player should Jacksonville Jaguars fans want?

The Jaguars finally come home in Week 3, hosting the Indianapolis Colts. If Jaguars fans could take one player off their roster, who would it be?

Andy Lyons

In the first two weeks of the season, the Jacksonville Jaguars have lacked a lot of things. We all knew the offense would be a work-in-progress with Chad Henne under center, but I don't think anyone knew just how bad things could get.

My first reaction is to just grab Andrew Luck and be done with it. If head coach Gus Bradley wants to be stubborn about starting a veteran ahead of rookie Blake Bortles, then screw it -- I'm going to take the Colts quarterback and let Bradley try and explain to everyone why he's starting Henne ahead of Bortles and Luck. And while Luck would save us some frustration for the beginning part of the season, he'd realistically only see eight or nine games. I want someone who's going to be here for the long haul.

Who is someone the Jaguars could pluck from the Colts roster to make their team better instantly?

Which Colts player should Jaguars fans want right now?

The Jaguars coaching staff made a decision in the last draft. They drafted the strong-armed Bortles with the No. 3 pick and a pair of gifted receivers in the second round because they want to be a team that spreads out the offense, distributes the ball, and passes downfield.

But Lee and Robinson are coming along slowly, Allen Hurns has a high ankle sprain, and Cecil Shorts is probably going to stay on the inactive list through Week 3. That means Mike Brown and Kerry Taylor are the most experienced receivers going into this week's matchup against the Colts.

I need a wide receiver. Badly. With my pick, I want T.Y. Hilton.

A third-round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Hilton has played better than his draft position -- using his speed and quickness to average 14.3 yards per catch in his career. At 5'9" he's not a prototypical size for a No. 1 receiver, but his 13 reception-224 yard performance in the playoffs against the Kansas City Chiefs last season showed he can more than carry the load when a team needs him.

Could we use a pass rusher like Cory Redding? Sure. He played a fantastic game against the Eagles. But at 33 years old, how many more seasons does he have left? What about a guy like offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo? He can play both tackle positions, but Austin Pasztor and Luke Joeckel could very well be long-term answers at the tackle position. Besides, that's not as pressing a need as a receiver is right now.